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    After 30 years' rapid growth since the foundation in 1990, CASTECH INC.  has become a recognized leading supplier of crystals,  optics and  laser components in the world. In 2008 CASTECH successfully completed IPO in Shenzhen stock exchange. (Stock Code 002222) Today, at our 450,000 sq ft advanced facility, over 1000 employees are dedicating to satisfy customer needs in terms of performance and cost effectiveness.




    Crystals for Laser Application:

    After thirty years' untiring effort, CASTECH has developed flux, Czochralski, water solution and bridgman-stockbarger crystal growing technology,now is a worldwide leading supplier with largest mass production lines in the world for LBO, BBO, Nd:YVO4 and KTP. In addition, we also provide Nd:YLF, Nd:YAG, KDP, KD*P, Ti: Sapphire, TGG and other crystals for laser and telecom industries.


    Precision Optics:

    CASTECH manufactures a wide range of high precision spherical, cylindrical and flat optics components for OEM customers from Industries of Laser, Telecom, Biomedical instruments and Analysis instruments. We utilize different manufacturing processes including CNC, rotational, double-sided polishing and thin film coating with IBS, IAD, EB technique. Combined with our wide experience and deep knowledge, we are able to deliver the optimum solution for your applications. We are flexible in customized products and features in high surface accuracy up to 1/20 wave, high surface quality up to 10-5 scratch/dig, and low surface roughness up to 2 angstrom. We are also well experienced in the high laser damage threshold coating by our unique proprietary technology.


    Laser Components:
    By integrating our leading capabilities of proprietary crystal growth, polishing, coating, assembly and designing technologies vertically, CASTECH has developed a broad range of magneto-optics, acousto-optics, electro-optics, fiber-optics, beam expanders, photoelastic modulators and other laser components for most demanding applications, to assist with our customers from prototype to mass production stage.


    Consistent High Quality:

    CASTECH has been recognized throughout the optics industry for its outstanding quality and high reliability which comes from our sustaining rigorous quality control. CASTECH is committed to satisfying the requirements of customers through continual improvement of its quality management system including ISO 9001-Quality Management System, IAFT 16949-Automotive Quality Management System, ISO 14001-Health and Safety Management System, and ISO 45001-Environmental Management Systems. To guarantee our commitment to the consistent high quality, we have invested in advanced metrology instruments including Zygo Interferometers, Perkin-Elmer Lambda 950 spectrometer, Nikon Microscope, Photo-Thermal Common-Path Interferometer, Prism Master C200, High Precision Transmission and Reflection Meter, and Ellipsometers.


    Global Sales Network:

    With more than 60% of CASTECH's products exported to the North America, Europe, Japan and other Asian countries, we have established our sales agencies and distributors in the main industrial countries and districts to form a global sales network to serve customers effectively.


    One-Stop Solutions:

    In order to meet the growing demand of optics industry and perform competently in the face of future challenges, CASTECH devoted to continuously developing its capability of delivering single-source package solution to customers. We keep investment on R&D and integration of leading edge technologies ranging from crystal materials, optical components to subsystems to facilitate our customers and cut down their purchasing costs.


    Here at CASTECH, we value Unity, Diligence, Practicality, and Innovation
    Our mission is to be your dependable partner to help you in growth.

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